Endangered Species

From little bugs to big animals, some living beings are on the verge of extinction. All are incredible creatures, unique in all sorts of ways. There is the tiny Pygmy Possum that is so small that its entire body can wrap around a thumb; or a Chaboa that has legs that look like a kangaroo and a head similar to a mouse with big ears. The unusual Echidna, with its needles like a porcupine and pouch like a kangaroo, also has a bird-like snout—it lays eggs! These and others, which are more familiar to the public and recognized as endangered, I have sculpted in gold. I integrate stones that come from their country of origin, or that says something about them and their environment. For example, the little Pygmy Possum is holding onto a blue boulder opal for dear life; they both are indigenous to Australia. The Echidna, another Australian, is standing on an ethereal looking opal whose opalescence fades away. Both of are representations of how precious and ephemeral life is. Both express my fear that they will disappear.


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